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Where did it start?


Jonathan Puzan was born and raised on the beautiful Island of Guam. At thirteen years old Jonathan picked up a guitar and started writing songs about what he knew and wanted to understand. Jonathan left the island at eighteen to pursue audio engineering and a life indulged in music.

Now 28, he continues to seek expression, impact, knowledge, connection, and understanding through music and art.

Puzan is a songwriter, artist, and functions as an independent Live Sound Technician/Studio Recording/Mixing Engineer. Currently residing in Pensacola, FL his music has been well received through the Gulf Coast; described as “Feel good, easy-listening music coming from this guy. A little bluesy, A little rock, but unlike anything you’ve ever heard.”

His adaptable approach to music has put him in a situation where his songs and style are embraced from Honky Tonks to Coffee Shops!

If you're Interested; I've provided links to videos, songs, and recordings below.


-SoundCloud links-


Feel free to contact me at for any inquiries

I flood you with the words that slip fro
In the rounds, looking goofy af
Hot Spot SOngs
Baby Pics
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